Kampot Nightlife – Red Light District and Girls

The Kampot nightlife and red light district with prostituted girls (Freelancer) at a overview. Location information and prices in Kampot nightlife and the red light districts.

The Nightlife in Kampot Cambodia doesn't offer that many clubs, Happy ending massage parlors or girly bars like that Phnom Penh nightlife or the nightlife in Sihanouville.

In the Kampot nightlife, you're more likely to meet young backpackers partying than any freelancer girls. The Kompot nightlife features not a single red light district. There are only normal bars geared towards couples or backpackers where no bar girls are employed.

Kampot Nightlife and Red Light District Overview

Kampot nightlife and red light district
Kampot nightlife and red light district

Kampot nightlife offers only one disco club. You can also count the happy ending massage salons on one hand. The karaoke bars are the only way to get sex services. Even the prostituted girls or the freelancer ladyboys on the side of the road are as good as non-existent. Kampot nightlife takes place along the river in the backpacker bars or across the river in the karaoke bars.

Girly Bars in the Kampot Red Light District

Backpackers Bar Kampot
Banyan Tree Backpacker Bar Kampot Nightlife

Unfortunately, there is still no real beer or girly bar in Kampot nightlife as you know it from the neighboring red light districts in Sihanoukville. The Kampot nightlife only offers backpacker bars where young tourists are partying. You don't meet freelance girls from Kampot there. At most, you can talk to other tourists and, if you're lucky, pick up one of the female tourists. On the other hand, the drink prices in the normal bars in Kampot nightlife are quite cheap. You pay around that for a beer 1 USD and free pool tables are available. The bars also have cheap and popular accommodation.

Among the most popular Bars in Kampot nightlife count the following:

  1. Banyan Tree Bar
  2. Naga House
  3. Mad Monkey Sky Bar
  4. Oh Neil’s Irish Bar

Clubs in the Kampot Red Light District

Kampot Night Clubs
Kampot Night Clubs

The most popular and currently the only club in Kampot is called Dragon Nigh Club. It's on the other side of the river. The Dragon Night Club is a typical Khmer disco, where young men and women come with their friends, share a table and order buckets filled with beer or bottles of alcohol. There aren't many locals in Kampot, who can afford the more expensive whiskey bottles, but if they do, then they'll show off at one of the few VIP tables.

Another popular stop in Kampot nightlife is the Banyan Tree or Naga House, the two bars are particularly popular with backpackers and are also located on the quieter side of the river north of the city. There are also numerous accommodations for backpackers.

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Prices in Kampot Nightlife and Red Light District

Kampot Nightlife
Kampot nightlife and red light district

The prices in Kampot nightlife in the clubs and bars are almost all the same. The most expensive are of course the KTV's or the Dragon Night Club. There you pay for a beer 2 – 3 USD. In backpacker bars or in the restaurants on the riverbank you pay the maximum 1-2 USD for a beer. You get cocktails 3 USD. Billiards and entry are free in most bars and clubs.

  1. The sex prices for prostituted girls from Kampot are 20 USD for Short Time and 50 USD for Long Time.
  2. The sex prices for ladyboys in Kampot nightlife are at maximum 25 USD.

Happy Ending Massage in Kampot

Kampot Massage Salons
Kampot Massage Salons with Happy End Service

In Kampot nightlife there is also a street where about 4 Happy End Massage Salons condition. Generally they are Kampot Massage Salons a popular attraction for the evening, no matter if backpacker, Couple or sex tourist, everyone likes to have a massage. In addition, the prices are for a 60 minutes Oil Massage with 6- 15 USD quite cheap for our standards. Most holidaymakers in Cambodia treat themselves to this cheap relaxation. In addition to oil massages, many of the massage salons also offer foot and finger manicures. Some luxury hotels also offer a normal massage, albeit at higher prices than the roadside massage parlors.

Karaoke Bars in Kampot

Kampot Karaoke Bars KTV´s
Kampot Karaoke Bars KTV´s with women

The big KTV's or the little Karaoke Bars are one of the most popular spots in Kampot nightlife for locals and sex tourists alike. The women in the Kampot Karaoke Bars are among the most attractive in the city. The girls are usually quite young and have fair skin. In the karaoke bars, the women keep you company and encourage you by sitting on your lap or singing karaoke songs in front of you.

In the large and somewhat more expensive KTV's you can opt for 2-3 USD an hour karaoke girls hire and for more 10 USD in a private room for a drink with them, eat and have fun. If you like one of the women, you can also meet them outside of the KTV's in a short-time hotel after consultation with the manager 50 USD have sex. The Entry to the karaoke bars is free, you should carry a beer bucket with you 6 bottles for 13 Order USD and then have a drink with the girls.

Kampot Nightlife on the Promenade

Kampot night clubs and discos
Banyan Tree Bar Kampot nightlife for backpackers

The normal Kampot nightlife for couples or backpackers takes place in the backpacker bars on the seafront or on the riverbank. There are some cozy ones there restaurants and bars which also offer western food like burgers or pizza. There is also a Rooftop Bar with a beautiful view of the city where you can enjoy the sunset.

Prostitute Girls in Kampot Nightlife

Women in Kampot nightlife
Prostitute Girls in Kampot Nightlife

Prostituted girls are a real rarity in Kampot nightlife. The resort of Kampot caters more to backpackers than sex tourists. With a bit of luck you can find freelancer girls in Kampot on Durian spinning top or at the River walk. But don't get your hopes up too high. I would take a girl from Cambodia with me for a visit to the Kampot nightlife or look for a female companion online via the dating portals.

Ladyboys in Kampot

Ladyboys in Kampot
Ladyboys in Kampot

In Kampot nightlife you will find few transgenders or ladyboys. Most of the prostituted shemales go to the tourist areas like Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, there the demand for ladyboys is simply higher.

With a lot of luck you can find a normal ladyboy from Kampot in front of the Dragon Night Club or online on the dating portals. In the backpacker bars you don't meet any ladyboys or freelancer girls either.

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Kampot Nightlife Escort Service

If you as Single vacationer or solo traveler looking for one holiday companion are in Cambodia for your sex holiday, then the following dating sites are available to you where you can get to know local girls from Cambodia Kampot. There are two different dating methods. The attitude of Cambodian women cannot be compared to the norms and values ​​of Western girls. Getting to know women is much easier in Asia and you will be surprised how many women get in touch or write back to you.

Dating App for Kampot Nightlife

Cambodia vacation girlfriend

My recommendation among the flirt and dating apps from Cambodia is Asiankisses*. You can register for free on the portal and also chat with girls from Kampot for free. It's relatively easy to do there if you invest some time find free vacation girlfriend. You just have to invite the local girls everywhere for food and drink and get along with them. The girls from Asia are not averse to getting to know a European and traveling with you. Via Cambodiacupied* you can also find single women who are looking for a relationship or partnership with a European.

Kampot Escort Service

Cambodia Girls

About the international dating and sugar portals like Sugardaddymeet* or Seeking* you can find one quickly and easily pretty companion for visiting Kampot nightlife. For women, however, the focus is on financial incentives such as gifts or invitations to luxury accommodation. The escorts know exactly what sex tourists want and offer a better service based on their experience. On the dating portals, the women offer all kinds of services, from overnight stays in your hotel to private massages. International sex parties can be found at Adultfinder*.


Experiences in Kampot Nightlife and Red Light District

How were your Experiences in Kampot nightlife? Kampot itself is not really a big city, But many of the nightclubs and KTVs are across the river. That's why I recommend you one scouter for 4-7 USD per day to rent. If you have any other questions or comments about Kampot nightlife, then please write me in the comment field under the post about Kampot nightlife and red light district.

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