Night Clubs Siem Reap – Girls in Discos

Overview of the best night clubs Siem Reap to meet freelancer girls in the disco clubs. Unfortunately, the nightlife and the number of Night Clubs in Siem Reap not represented as strongly as that Night Clubs Phnom Penh. Nevertheless, I have listed the best night clubs in Siem Reap with all the important information about them Sex prices for freelancer girls in the Night Clubs Siem Reap.

Night Clubs Siem Reap – Overview of Discos with girls

The best night clubs Siem Reap with freelancer girls in the disco clubs at a glance. Temple Night Club is the most popular with sex tourists followed by Hip Hop Disco Club. There you have the largest selection of hobby prostitutes.

Temple Nigth Club Siem Reap

Temple Nigth Club
Temple Nigth Club Siem Reap

The most popular night club in Siem Reap is the Temple Nigth Club on the party mile Pub Street. From 22 There are sex tourists and a large number of freelancer girls from Cambodia partying here every day. The Temple Night Club impresses its visitors from the inside with modern paintings and figures. Dancing in front of the DJ desk every day. On the ground floor and in 2. On the floor of the disco you can play billiards with the freelancer girls. There are also sofas available for entertaining. In none of the other night clubs in Siem Reap will you find such a high number of hobby prostitutes (approximately 75%) like Temple Night Club.

Classic Hip Hop Disco Club

Disco Club Siem Reap
Classic Disco Club Siem Reap

In the Classic Hip Hop Disco Club Siem Reap not only hip hop music is played, the music is well mixed with internationally popular songs. 75% of guests are locals, including about 35% Freelance Girls from Cambodia who are quite young. But there are also some normal women in the hip hop disco club who party with their friends, some of the normal girls are studying.

The normal ones Siem Reap women However, they don't smile at you directly or grin at you like the freelancer women. They are a bit shy and you have to take the first step and just approach them, afterwards they often invite you to have a drink at one of the tables. There is seating in front of the Classic Hip Hop Disco Club or upstairs. You can also play billiards there. Otherwise you meet about 15% international guests.

Cheers Night Club Siem Reap

Night Clubs Siem Reap
Night Clubs in Siem Reap

The Cheers Night Club is probably the Disco Club, which can best be described as a real disco club on Pub Street. As the situation would suggest, There are cheap beers and cocktails and a great atmosphere which is mostly used by tourists, but also visited by local guests.

Night Club Galaxy

Night Club Siem Reap
Galaxy Night Club Siem Reap

The Night Club Galaxy is still popular with many visitors than it used to be Hub Club known. The disco is located 2 km away from the party area of ​​Pub Street. That's why you only meet a few international guests in the Night Club Galaxy. A tuk tuk taxi drive from Pub Street to Night Club Galaxy costs 2 USD. In the vicinity of the disco there are also some beer bars and karaoke TV bars where preferably the locals are partying. You will find very few freelancers or hobby prostitutes in the Galaxy.

Night Clubs Siem Reap Prices and Entrance

Be in the night clubs Siem Reap no entrance fees required. The drink prices are also very fair. For a draft beer with 1 liters you pay 4 USD. A bottle of beer costs 2 USD. Mixing alcohol like Whiskey Cola or Vodka Red Bull costs 4 USD as well as cocktails.

Sex Prices for Freelancer Girls from Night Clubs Siem Reap

The sex prices for freelancer girls in the night clubs Siem Reap are about 30 USD. It always depends on how well you get along with the hobby prostitutes. Sometimes they stay overnight with one. As a rule, the prostitutes in the disco clubs are always the most attractive and more expensive than the whores on the street.

Dress code in the Discos

In the night clubs Siem Reap there are no official dress code. However, I would not enter the discos with flip flops. But I've also gone to the disco with tank tops and comfortable sports trousers instead of tight jeans.

With accompaniment to the disco and night clubs Siem Reap

If as a single holidaymaker you don't necessarily have to do it alone Siem Reap Nightlife or want to visit the night clubs Siem Reap, then you can look for a woman from Cambodia to accompany you online relatively quickly and easily. There are two types of dating websites.

Freelancer girls as companion


Over Seeking* and Suggardaddymeet* you will find numerous freelancer women who offer an escort service or just a romantic date or happy ending massages. As a rule, however, the women want a monetary donation or expensive gifts in return for their support. There you can also find a holiday girlfriend for a fee.

Cambodia Girls

Single girls as escort

Cambodia dating

The other method to get to know a normal woman from Cambodia as a companion is through dating portals such as Asiacupid* or Asiankisses*. There you have to invest a little more time and effort to find a woman as a holiday companion. The whole thing is still much easier than in Europe. In Asia, women sometimes write to you as a man, or you get random pictures sent out of nowhere.

Cambodia vacation girlfriend

Night Clubs Siem Reap Experiences – Map of Discos

How was your experience in the night clubs in Siem Reap? Do you have any other tips for celebrating?? Then please write it to me in the comment field below the post. I have marked all the most popular disco clubs for you on the map.

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