Phnom Penh Girly Bars and Go-Go Bars

Overview of Phnom Penh Girly Bars and Go-Go Bars to meet bar girls on one map. The Hostess Bars are particularly popular with sex tourists from Cambodia. In the Phnom Penh girly bars you get good and cheap entertainment from young and pretty Cambodia girls and with a bit of luck you can also tow a bar girl to your hotel room and have sex by releasing the bar girl from the girly bar by releasing the barfine.

Meet girls in the Phnom Penh girly bars

Phnom Penh Girly Bars
Meet girls in the Phnom Penh girly bars

Phnom Penh girly bars are the easiest place to meet Cambodian girls. You can just go to the Phnom Penh Girly Bars if you like a bit of entertainment or animation often young girls are looking for. The task of the employed women in the girly bars is you to entertain or with you drinking games or 4 Wins and play billiards. The Phnom Penh girly bars are completely geared towards sex tourists. The bar girls also usually speak good English. What in the other places of the Phonom Penh nightlife is not always the case. Phnom Penh Girly Bars are also a bit similar to KTV's Karaoke TV Bars.

Entertainment by girls in Phnom Penh girly bars

Phnom Penh Girly Bars
Entertainment by girls in Phnom Penh girly bars

The Phnom Penh girly bars are not only a safe place in Phonom Penh nightlife, they are also for entertainment and Animation. The bar girls are all registered and you know where they worked. So you can take the bar girls with you to your Gust Friendly Hotel without worrying about being robbed. You have this security with the prostitutes from the red light districts or from the Night Clubs Phnom Penh not.

Why do sex tourists like the girly bars in Phnom Penh?

Girly Bars in Phnom Penh
young women in the girly bars in Phnom Penh

The drink prices in the Phnom Penh girly bars are fair, the entertainment by the bar girls is also pleasant as a single traveller. Who likes to spend an evening alone?

In addition, the bar girls are often young and more attractive than, for example, in the Phnom Penh Massage Salon mit Happy End. You also have the chance to tow one of the bar girls against triggering the bar fine.

Phnom Penh Girly Bars and Go-Go Bars at a glance

Phnom Penh nightlife
Phnom Penh nightlife

Unfortunately, the Phnom Penh girly bars are all scattered around the city. There is no direct place like Pattaya Soi 6 in Thailand 6 where numerous girly bars are located next to each other. The Phnom Penh girly bars are all scattered around the city.

Locations of Phnom Penh girly bars

  1. Street 104
  2. Street 118
  3. Street 130
  4. Street 136
  5. Street 172
  6. Golden Sorya Shopping Center

streets 118-136

Phnom Penh nightlife
Street 36 Phnom Penh with some girly bars

The streets 118-136 with a high number of girly bars are located in a small area just behind the Mekong river promenade. The street 104 lies about 400 meters further north near Wat Phnom and has the most girly bars in one street.

Phnom Penh girlybars
Phnom Penh girlybars in der Street 130

In my opinion are in the Street 104 the best phnom penh girly bars. The atmosphere is nice and the bar girls are pretty damn pretty. The Phnom Penh girly bars in the street 136 are all very money-oriented and you will be asked for lady drinks more quickly. This is because the street 136 right in the tourist district.

Street 172

The about 12 Phnom Penh Girly Bars in der Street 172 are next to numerous foreign restaurants and massage parlors. Accordingly, you also meet many other sex tourists who want to eat cheaper than on the river promenade.

Golden Sorya Mall

In the area around the Golden Sorya Mall you can find some freelancer prostitutes right next to the Phnom Penh girly bars. The number of girly bars is not that high. There is the Pontoon Night Club and the Heart of Darkness Club. The Golden Sorya Mall is located about 1 km from the road 136 removed. For 1.20 USD 5.000 Riel you can reach Golden Sorya Mall by Tuk Tuk Taxi from the street 136 to reach.

Procedure in the Phnom Penh Girly Bars and Go-Go Bars

Phnom Penh Girly Bars
Procedure in the Phnom Penh Girly Bars and Go-Go Bars

You walk down the street where the Phnom Penh girly bars are located. The young bar girls often sit in front of the girly bars and then try to lure you into the girly bar by waving at you or grinning at you or even trying to pull you by the hand into the girly bar. Once you've taken a seat in one of the Phnom Penh girly bars and ordered a beer, the employed girls keep you company and take a seat next to you. It doesn't take long and they ask you if they want to play a drinking game with you or billiards.

Girly Bar Phnom Penh
animation by Bar Girls in the Girly Bar

Many of the bar girls just fool around in front of you and encourage you or start shaking their asses. Shortly thereafter, the bar girls will ask you for a lady drink. If you want the company of a bar girl, buy her a lady drink, otherwise the women will quickly leave you alone because they realize they can't make any money from you.

Bar Girls Phnom Penh
Bar Girls Phnom Penh Cambodia

The bar girls at Phnom Penh girly bars all speak basic English. It's always the same standard conversations that you lead: What's your name? How long are you vacationing here?? i like your eye color. In addition to the small talks, sporting events are usually also broadcast on the TVs.

Should you like a woman in the Phnom Penh girly bars, then you can ask these nice questions if she would like to accompany you to your hotel room, and it all works like this.

Sex with the girls from the Phnom Penh girly bars

First you should check with the woman from the Phnom Penh Girly Bar if you Long Time Sex (with sleepover) or Short Time Sex (1 Shot) wanted to have. Then think of a condom. Many Cambodian women have no money for contraceptives, I had to get the morning-after pill a few times because I ran out of condoms.

Sex Prices for girls in Phnom Penh Girly Bars

Phnom Penh Girly Bar
Sex Prices for girls in Phnom Penh Girly Bars

The sex price negotiation depends on three things: How old and/or attractive the bar girl is, whether you want her for a short or long time and how much she likes you. Believe it or not, they like to charge double for Indians or blacks, and some women don't want to go with Indians at all.

Even if you are still quite young and pretty, a bar girl will you never accompany for free. All the bar girls want is earn money. Usually sex prices are all about the same, sometimes you can negotiate the price of sex down 30 USD for short time. Especially the young and light-skinned Cambodian women do not like to lower their prices 40 USD. Long time costs the most 50 USD and you can have sex more often and the bar girl also accompanies you to the discos or restaurants.

Barfine / for the bar girls from the girly bars

Girly Bars Barfine
Barfine for the women from the girly bars

The bar fine / Barfine is in almost every Phnom Penh girly bar 10 USD. The prices are all agreed among themselves.

Info: If you decide to pay the bar fee for a girl from Phnom Penh girly bars, then you have to make sure, that your hotel is hospitable. There are many hotels, who simply do not allow their guests to do so, to take Cambodia girls to her room free of charge because the hotel was only booked for one person.

Prices of Phnom Penh girly bars and go-go bars

Phnom Penh Girly Bars
Prices of Phnom Penh girly bars and go-go bars

The drinks prices at the Phnom Penh girly bars for a Beer amount to maximum 1,50 USD. The prices in the restaurants are also fair. A can of beer costs 2 USD. A gin and tonic or vodka Red Bull costs at most in the girly bars 4 USD. The Lady Drinks cost to the 4 USD, these are mostly tequila shots. Have a different lady drink than a shot with the bar girls. Then the woman sits next to you longer and doesn't keep asking for another drink.

Meet bar girls

You can get to know bar girls in the Phnom Penh night clubs or on online dating portals. As soon as they finish work at midnight, many of the bar girls are still looking for a customer in the disco clubs or online.

Bar girls for Escort Service


Over Seeking* and Suggardaddymeet* you will find numerous bar girls who offer an escort service or just a romantic meal or massage with a happy ending. However, the bar girls usually want a monetary donation or gifts in return. But they are very young and pretty.

Cambodia Girls

Bar girls who are looking for a stable relationship

Cambodia dating

The other option is, a normal girl as an accompaniment via dating portals such as Asiacupid* or Asiankisses* to search. There you have to invest a little more time and effort to find a girl to accompany you. The whole thing is still much easier than in Europe.

In Asia, girl sometimes write to you as a man and they really adore you as if you were their financial life insurance. With a bit of luck you will also find a free companion in the form of a holiday girlfriend for your entire holiday.

Cambodia vacation girlfriend

Phnom Penh Girly Bars Experiences – Conclusion on the bar girls

How was your experience with the bar girls in the Phnom Penh girly bars? How high was the cash find and what sex price did you pay? write me yours questions and experiences in the comment field under the post about Phnom Penh Girly Bars.

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