Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars KTV´s Top 5

The Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars the also as KTV´s well-known among locals and sex tourists are of particular importance in Cambodia and throughout Asia. At Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars you can hang out with young and attractive Girls and singing karaoke together or simply let yourself be animated. The Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars are venues for entertainment.

Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars Top 5 at a overview

Total there above 80 Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars distributed in the city. On the whole, the KTV's differ only in the facility and the number of Siem Reap women which you can choose to sing karaoke together and have fun. In this post, I list the top 5 Karaoke TV bars in Siem Reap Cambodia on with the highest number of young girls.

Galaxy KTV

Night Club Siem Reap
Galaxy Night Club Siem Reap

The Galaxy KTV in the 8 Lok Taneuy Rd is one of the most popular Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars. The decor in the karaoke bar is very elegant and romantically lit. You have comfortable sofas with cushions where you can sit and drink together with the women. One has in the Galaxy KTV about 40 girls to choose.

New Star KTV

Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars
New Star KTV Siem Reap

One of the larger karaoke TV bars in Siem Reap is the New Star KTV. The building is elegantly furnished and makes a good impression. The visitors tend to be locals, you rarely meet tourists.

Kesorkole High Class KTV

Siem Reap Karaoke
Kesorkole High Class KTV Siem Reap

Kesorkole High Class KTV Bar is located in the Many San Rd and is a popular meeting place for local sex tourists. There the karaoke show including guitar music takes place on a stage. A bottle of beer costs 1 USD. Just a beer can 0.90 USD.

King Karaoke Lounge

Siem Reap Karaoke
King Lounge Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bar

The one translated into German King Karaoke Lounge can also be found on Sol San Road. Here, too, live music and karaoke are sung on a stage, sometimes with drums. You can also order food at King Karaoke Siem Reap. The number of girl that can be hired as animation is particularly high here. One has approximately 20 young girls to choose from, who also dance and sing in front of you. Unfortunately, they only speak a little English, which makes communication difficult.

Platinum Entertainment KTV

Platinum Entertainment KTV
Platinum Entertainment KTV Siem Reap

The one popular with locals Platinum Entertainment KTV is a meeting place for family celebrations. In the evening, the locals celebrate their meal together at the tables to the music and food. The Karaoke Bar is more for entertainment and is a popular meeting point for the evening.

Girls in the Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars

Siem Reap Karaoke TV
Selection of women in Siem Reap Karaoke TV bars

In the Siem Reap Karaoke TV bars you have depending on the karaoke bar about 20 - 40 mostly young and attractive Cambodian girls available for hire for entertainment and animation. You also have the option to get one private area or one private room to rent where you can then enjoy the time undisturbed with the girls. You can then have a drink with the girls, Singing karaoke or eating something. They dance in front of you and keep you company. Some also sit on your lap and shake around on you and you can stroke and touch each other.

Sex with Girls from Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars

Siem Reap Sex
Prices for girls in Siem Reap Sex Massage Parlors KTV´s

If you like one of the girls from the Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars then you can also have sex with them. You just have to ask them if they want to and then you clarify the whole thing with the manager, who will then get you a tuk tuk taxi that will take you to a short time hotel room in the area. There is no sex in the Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars. There are also no rooms available. Since prostitution is obviously not permitted in Cambodia, the girls is driven to the Short Time Hotel in a separate scooter taxi. The sex services cost 30 – 50 USD plus 5 -10 USD for the Short Time Hotel where you can also shower. The taxi ride is included in the price.

Prices in Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars

Siem Reap Sex Massage Parlors
Animation of the girls in the Siem Reap Sex Massage Parlors / KTVS

For the Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars you have to pay no entrance fee. You only have to pay for the drinks. Usually you get a few bottles of beer (1 USD per Beer) or one Beertower (8USD) which you then drink together with the girl in a private room. Depending on the karaoke bar, the rental price for the private room is between 6 and 20 USD per hour. You pay once for the girls who are supposed to keep you company per girl 1,50 – 3 USD.

Alternatives to the Siem Reap Karaoke TV Bars

The online dating portals or the Night Clubs Siem Reap are a good alternative to find a girl from Cambodia to accompany you. There are different methods to get to know girls from Siem Reap who accompany you on vacation, for example.

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Cambodia Girls

Girlfriend from Siem Reap Cambodia

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