Siem Reap Nightlife

The Siem Reap nightlife especially on the party mile Pub Street is well known to tourists. But there are others Places in Siem Reap nightlife to celebrate or to meet girls from Siem Reap.

Siem Reap Nightlife Overview

The best places to visit Siem Reap nightlife or to meet Siem Reap girls.

Nightlife on Pub Street

Siem Reap Nightlife
Nightlife on Pub Street Siem Reap

The Pub Street is the most famous place for Siem Reap nightlife. The famous party mile offers a lot of bars, restaurants and dance clubs to linger over. Here international tourists party together with local holidaymakers and freelancer girls. There is also a famous one in the area Night market where you can taste good and cheap street food.

Dance Clubs

Night Clubs Siem Reap
Cheers Night Club in Siem Reap

Siem Reap nightlife also offers plenty of dance clubs to party, most of the dance clubs are on Pub Street. If you are looking for freelance girls from Cambodia then you should visit Temple Dance Club. There you have a high number of prostituted girls. The Hip Hop Club is also popular. There, too, one encounters about 30 % Freelance girls. Normal backpackers make party at Cheers Dance Club.

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Beer Bars with Girls

X Bar Siem Reap
X Bar Siem Reap Nightlife Pub Street

A visit to the so-called beer and girly bars is a must in Siem Reap's nightlife. However, the beer bars cannot be compared to the girly bars from Phonom Penh. In the Siem Reap Girly Bars significantly fewer bar girls work than in the capital. There are only real girly bars in Siem Reap like you know it in Thailand 2 Piece. The X Bar is one of the most popular bars on Pub Street where regular tourists as well as freelancer girls are partying.

Karaoke Bars

Siem Reap Sex Massage Parlors
Animation of the girls in the Siem Reap Sex Massage Parlors / KTVS

In the Siem Reap nightlife, the karaoke bars are part of the tradition, especially among local guests. There you meet friends and sing together Karaoke Songs and sip alcoholic beverages along with the karaoke girls who keep you company. The Siem Reap Karaoke Bars are also becoming increasingly popular with sex tourists. You can rent young girls and a private room and have fun with them. If you like one of the girls, you can even take them to a nearby Short Time Hotel.

Happy Ending Massage Siem Reap

Siem Reap Massage
Siem Reap Massage Salons Pub Street

A visit to the Siem Reap Massage Salons or the massage parlors are very popular in Siem Reap nightlife. Especially in the evenings, some tourists relax in the massage salons while enjoying a foot or Oil Massage relax. The massage prices for 60 minutes 8 USD and are significantly cheaper than in America or in the EU. You can also find happy ending massage salons or even sex massage parlors in Siem Reap nightlife.

Transgender in Siem Reap Nightlife

Siem Reap Ladyboys
Meet Siem Reap Ladyboys

Transgender or ladyboys are not uncommon in Siem Reap nightlife. Similar to Thailand, you can meet some of them in dance clubs or on the streets. Even in the bars, some transgender people work behind the counter.

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Prostitute Girls in Siem Reap Nightlife

Siem Reap Sex
Prices for girls in Siem Reap Sex Massage Parlors KTV´s

In the Siem Reap nightlife there are of course also places where you can meet prostitutes girls as well as ladyboys. You can find these under a bridge in the River Promenade around Pub Street. Another location for prostitutes is a Park parallel to the river bank 1 km north of Pub Street. I marked all the exact locations on the maps.

Strip Clubs

Currently there are no strip or go go clubs in Siem Reap nightlife. Also in Phnom Penh you won't find any officially. Only locations that are very similar to Striss Clubs.

Prices in Siem Reap Nightlife

The Entrance for bars or dance clubs is Siem Reap's nightlife for free. There is also no dress code. All you have to do is rent a room or place in the karaoke bars 6 – 20 USD per hour.

Sex Prices for Girls in Siem Reap Nightlife

Siem Reap women
Meet Siem Reap Girls and Womens for Sex

Sex prices for girls are always a matter of negotiation in Siem Reap nightlife. Usually take the girls from the dance clubs 30 USD for sex and overnight at your hotel. The prostitutes on the street withered away 20 -30 USD for short time sex and are not as attractive as the girls in the dance clubs. Ladyboys are always cheaper than normal ones Siem Reap women. A happy ending massage by one hand job costs 10 USD. A Blowjob 20 USD. You pay for the Cambodia girls from the karaoke bars 30 – 50 USD for Short Time Sex plus 5-10 USD for a nearby short time hotel.

Drink Prices in Siem Reap Nightlife

Siem Reap nightlife prices
Drink Prices in Siem Reap Nightlife

The drink prices in the Siem Reap nightlife in the dance clubs and bars are very fair. Draft beer is always cheaper than bottled beer. For a 0.33ml bottled beer you pay maximal 2 USD.

Vodka mixing or cocktails cost maximum 4 USD. A beer tower costs in the karaoke bars 8 USD. Try snacks like spring rolls 2-4 USD.

There are also Happy hour offers where to 0.50 USD Paid for a draft beer on Pub Street.

Safety in Siem Reap Nightlife

Siem Reap Nightlife
Siem Reap nightlife on Pub Street

I felt safe at all times in Siem Reap nightlife. Pub Street in particular is well secured and there are no disputes. If you're on the local party mile, the Khmer Pub Street calls should go partying, then you will probably feel a bit uncomfortable because you will be the only tourist there. But it is also safe there and the prices are much cheaper!

Siem Reap Nightlife Escort Service

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Holiday Girlfriend from Siem Reap

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