Sihanoukville Night Clubs and Disos

The best Sihanoukville Night Clubs and Disos an overview to meet freelancer girls with a map of the locations.

In the Sihanoukville Nightlife there are different places to celebrate. Nightlife takes place either in beach bars by the sea or in the Night clubs in Sihanoukville Downtown instead of.

Sihanoukville Night Clubs and Discos Overview

The best Sihanoukville Night Clubs and Discos Clubs in one overview Map with locations. The right night clubs where the locals go partying are located 2 Km from the tourist area in down town. The tourist-oriented Sihanoukville night clubs are located along the Beachfront and in the area south of Golde Lions.

The tourist-oriented nightclubs attract young backpackers in particular, but also many prostitutes freelance girls who are looking for a man for the night.

It looks completely different in the Night and Disco clubs in downtown out of. There, bottles are usually ordered at the table, which you can then show off. Most of the normal Sihanoukville Girls do not speak good English either, which makes communication difficult, or they are partying with other friends and acquaintances.

LV Entertaiment Center

Sihanoukville Night Clubs
Sihanoukville Night Clubs: LV Entertaiment Center

The LV Entertaiment Center is a Sihanoukville night club for local guests. The LV Club is located 2km away from Serendipity Beach, where the tourists are usually partying. Here you meet locals and normal girls from Sihanoukville who not only ask for your money. There are hardly any freelancers or prostitutes. At the LV Entertainment Center, groups of friends usually sit around the tables listening to the live music or dancing on the dance floor in front of the stage. The LV Entertainment Center is a great place to party with your date.

Skyline Disco Club

Sihanoukville Night Clubs
Skyline Disco Club Sihanoukville

In the Skyline Disco Club, the locals go High Society like to party. The Skyline Club is located only 300 meters away from the LV Entertainment Center. Most of the local girls party here with their partner or with other friends. Getting to know women is not quite as easy in the Skyline Disco as it is in the LV Entertainment Center, for example.

Sessions Bar and Night Club

Sihanoukville Night Clubs
Sessions Bar and Night Club on the beach

The Sessions Bar is right on the beach, The bar, which resembles a night club, is always the busiest in the evening. Here you meet many young and international tourists 80% and some hobby prostitutes from Sihanoukville who are partying about 20%.

The drinks are very cheap in the Sessions Bar, you pay for a beer 1 USD and for alcohol mixing such as Vodka Redbull 2 USD. As there is limited seating on plastic chairs in the session bar, you can quickly get into conversation with the women. You just have to stand at the bar. Sometimes a few seats are placed directly on the beach where you can have a good chat with the women with a view of the sea.

Utopia Bar and Disco Club Sihanoukville

Disco Club Sihanoukville
Utopia Bar and Disco Club Sihanoukville

Equally popular with backpackers is the Utopia Bar and Disco Club in the Golden Lion Circle perimeter in Sihanoukville. In the Utopia you can play billiards or take a seat at the wooden bar and have a cheap beer for 1 enjoy USD. There are also some sofa seats where you can chat. Sports events are broadcast on the TVs and during the day you can even go swimming in the pool. The guests are also more likely to be tourists, but from time to time you also come by freelancer girl from Sihanoukville with whom you can then play billiards.

Niagara Night Club Victory Hill

Niagara Bar Sihanoukville
Niagara Girly Bar und Night Club am Victory Hill

Niagara Night Club is right on Victory Hill above the corner bar. From 1 At night all the freelancer girls from the surrounding girly bars come to the Niagara Night Clubs and they all close at midnight. Here you have a good chance to meet a prostitute from Sihanoukville. It is best to take a seat in front of it in the corner bar below and as soon as you notice that more and more people are moving in the direction of the Nigara Night Club, follow them. In the corner bar you can hang out with the bar girls or the Sihanoukville Ladyboys also play billiards.

Niagara Night Club
Sihanoukville Girls on Victory Hill

The Niagara Night Club am Victory Hill is comfortably furnished, you can sit on one of the bar stools overlooking the street or at the bar with the freelancer girs who are around 90% of the girls in the club chatted and then sat down on the sofas.

Sihanoukville Night Clubs Entrance and Prices

In the Sihanoukville Night Clubs and Discos or Bars it is Admission free. There is also no dress code. For a Beer you pay around the 3 USD and a liquor mix costs around that 3,50 USD. Soft drinks amount 2 USD. Cocktails cost around the 3 – 4 USD and you pay for a vodka bottle 30 USD.

Sex Prices for Girls from the Night Clubs

The prostituted freelance girls in den Sihanoukville Night Clubs, Discos or bars charge for sex around the 30 USD including overnight stay in your Guest Friendly Hotel. The sex prices are always individually negotiable.

Escort service for the Sihanoukville Night Clubs

Dating websites make it easy to find an escort service to visit Sihanoukville Night Clubs and Discos, or even one holiday girlfriend. You can contact the girls before you start your holiday. There are two types of dating websites to meet Sihanoukville girls.

Sihanoukville Escort Service


On the international dating portals Seeking* or Sugardaddymeet* and Whats-your-price you will find cambodia girls from sihanoukville the special services such as a one night stand or an escort service to dinner or sightseeing. The whole thing is of course cheaper than in Europe and the girls are clearly younger and more attractive.

Most of the time, the girls from Sihanoukville ask for gifts or just want to be paid for the luxury vacation with you by their side and enjoy the time with you. The financial aspect is in the foreground for the women. Over Adultfinder* you can find sex meetings all over Cambodia.

Cambodia Girls

Vacation girlfriend from Sihanoukville

Who like me one free holiday girlfriend as companion preferred should have some time on Asiankisses* or spend Cambodiacupied*. Here you will meet normal girls who are looking for a permanent partner or financial support. The chances are good to meet a normal woman from Cambodia who you can then invite for a complete vacation.

So it's relatively easy to find a holiday companion from Cambodia who doesn't necessarily just have money, wants luxury or expensive gifts. The whole thing is a bit more personal and you build a certain bond with the girlls by staying in long-term contact with them and writing back and forth. You can also find solid relationships.

Cambodia vacation girlfriend

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