Whats Your Price Experiences and Test Report

Our Whats Your Price experience and test report. What and how does the dating portal What's Your Price work? What are the prices, Fees and charges at Whats Your Price for dating a girl?

In this Whats Your Price test report with our experiences we will answer numerous questions for you. at Advantages of What's Your Price and what the users on Whats Your Price* seek.

I will give you all the information, my experiences and test reports you need, to find out if the Whats Your Price dating site is right for you.

How does What's Your Price work?

Women put in a lot of work, to prepare for a date. You have to buy makeup and nice clothes, get your hair done or work out in the gym. The girls invest a lot of time, money and effort, to look good for us men. Whats Your Price thinks, that these women should be compensated for their efforts. This is where the auction side of things comes in. Men (and yes, this can also be the other way around) can Make offers for dates.

Whats Your Price Online Dating Website

Whats Your Price
Whats Your Price Dating Webseite

Whats Your Price is a Online-Dating-Website, which uses a bidding process, to facilitate meetings between two groups of members – attractive members and generous members. What's Your Price is not without controversy, but offers incentives for attractive members (in the form of payments) in exchange for hookups and dates. Expressed in a simple way: Generous Members (usually men) make an attractive member (usually a woman) an offer, Paying her for her time on a date.

Make an offer to the girls

What is an offer? A Whats Your Price offer is an agreement to pay for time, that the woman spends on your date. Sounds like an escort? Although it's similar, at least in our opinion, say the operators of the website, that it is not nearly so.

Whats Your Price Test Report

Whats Your Price
Whats Your Price Test Report

Now that you know, how the process works on Whats Your Price, let's talk about the results of our test report. Overall, we have What's Your Price with us 7 from 10 possible points. We received the best rating in the quality of matches category, as there are many men and women at What's Your Price, who are really interested in this form of dating.

The worst rating came in the area of ​​costs, especially because this form of dating can be expensive. The site itself is quite affordable, but you have to take into account, that you also have to pay for the date and the appointment, if you make the offer yourself. if you're the one, who goes on the date and is invited, then it's a damn good deal.

All in all, Whats Your Price is definitely a unique twist on dating, which will be great for some people and a complete flop for others. It really all depends, what you are looking for.

Ist Whats Your Price a Escort Service?

Whats Your Price
Ist Whats Your Price a Escort Service?

There are some people who claim, Whats Your Price sei very similar to an escort service. Our review team was divided in this regard. Some of our team thought so, that's exactly what it sounds like, while others agreed with the staff at What's Your Price, that it is merely a more direct form of dating, which fixes many of the common problems with the system.

Independently of, if it sounds interesting to you, the concept of Whats Your Price is spot on. We recommend you, see for yourself via the link below for the free registration. This is the best way, to figure out, whether this type of dating service is suitable for you at all.

Benefits of What's Your Price

  1. A unique approach to solving modern dating problems
  2. Minimal chance that a date will not take place.
  3. No subscription fees: You only pay if you really want a date,
  4. Over 47 Millions of sent offers for a date (above 8 Millions have already been accepted)

Disadvantages of Whats Your Price

  1. Fairly new concept of dating, that can be difficult to understand.

For who is Whats Your Price good

  • For people, who want to try a unique twist on the dating process.
  • For sex tourists, who are looking for a female companion for a fee.

For who is What's Your Price not be suitable

– For people who are concerned, what others might think about it, how you met.
– For people, who prefer a more traditional style of dating.

What users are looking on Whats Your Price

Whats Your Price
What are users looking for on Whats Your Price

The most important question when looking for a new online dating site is always, whether the singles on the site are of good quality. It makes no sense, Sign up for Whats Your Price or any other dating site if they have inferior partners, that are not worth your time.

That's what we found out. For the men, there is no shortage of hot women and escorts on this site. In our search, we entered many different cities, especially from Asia, and i have to say, the whole search was pretty easy. Reading through some profiles, we realized, that there were some women, who are very greedy, but there were also many women, who were interested, possibly finding more than just a quick buck.

Sugar Daddy meet Sugar Baby

We were pleased with the number of women, the more than just one Relationship between sugar daddy and baby searched. There were women too, who were looking for a date or a long-term relationship. To men and sex tourists willing to pay for dates, there was definitely no lack.

Cambodia girls meet


From conversations with some of the women who have already used the dating portal Whats Your Price, we have learned, that there is a healthy mix of quality on the site. Some of the men are great, successful men, who are ready, spend a few dollars, to get a first date with a pretty and lousy young woman.

How much money should you offer for a date?

Cambodia Dating

There are also reports of some sex tourists and men, who were too stingy and only 10 Bidding dollars for a date with a woman. For the right man, that's not a problem, but it contradicts that, what the site wants to achieve. It's hard to show, that you are serious, if you only 10 offers dollars for a date. However, there were also many men, who understood the culture of the site and were willing, to create an appropriate balance.

Overall we were satisfied with the quality of the matches and singles, that we found out during our Whats Your Price reviews. If you are looking for a sugar daddy baby relationship or you are looking for something more, then you will definitely find what you are looking for at Whats Your Price.

Whats Your Price Profile

The Whats Your Price Profiles are pretty straightforward. You have the option on every profile, fill in the basic information, answer a few quick questions, some pictures (public and private) to add and select the type of relationship, what you are looking for. The six options for interests include dating, Friendship, long-term relationships, discreet affairs, occasional dates and escorts.

We actually expected, that everyone on the page just ticks all the boxes, but we were pleasantly surprised, that people only ticked that, what they were interested in. At the profiles, who seemed to be a little greedy, was usually only ticked Sugar Dating. For the more down-to-earth profiles, who were looking for something more than just a transaction, the other options were ticked.

In the middle of the page you will see the sections, in which they tell a little about themselves and what their ideal first date looks like. you will notice, that unlike many other online dating sites, they don't have a million questions. Those were the only two questions, that they had, and that was nice to see. That means, that you don't need much time, to fill out your profile and start dating.

In terms of rating, we like the profiles on Whats Your Price. There is no reason, overcomplicate this aspect of online dating, like many more progressive apps do. And it's beautiful too, that there are options for public and private photos, so you can decide, who can see which photos.

Prices, Fees and charges at Whats Your Price

Most of them, who read this Whats Your Price review, probably skipped this section, and we can understand that. With a concept as new as this, it can be confusing, to understand, how the whole dating portal works at all.

There are no subscription fees! The Registration on Whats Your Price is closed 100 % for free, and there is no monthly fee. If you though Dating Offers want to do, then you have to buy credits. If your date offer is accepted, you use part of your credits, to unlock the opportunity, to chat with your partner. This is basically how the website gets paid. Hope you didn't expect, that they operate this site without any plans to make any money. The credits are purchased in packages of three different amounts.

How much does a date cost via Whats Your Price

You don't pay a membership fee, but you're bidding on dates. What happens, when a date is accepted? Nun, the money, that you offer, is not used for the date. The money goes to the woman, who you are dating. It is also expected, that you pay the bill for the appointment yourself.

The Money transfer does not take place via Whats Your Price, but will personally handled. The site recommends, that you transfer half of the money in advance and the other half afterwards, when the date is over. In this way it is ensured, that you won't be scammed and that your date won't just walk away. When a date or a bidder doesn't keep the deal, you can report him on the website, and he will be immediately banned from the site. Most people don't want to end their time on Whats Your Price, so they stick to the agreement.

How much does a date usually cost? Well as far as we know, are prices between 50 and 200 Dollar normal. The one specified by Whats Your Price itself Average is around 120 $. We also noticed, that it someone, who asks more for a date, usually just about the money, and that you should not pursue him further, unless, that's the type of transaction, you are looking for.

Basically, you don't have to pay for anything, until you are ready, to arrange your first date. You pay a certain amount Credit on Whats Your Price a, and then you pay for that, what you agree on with your date. if you are someone, on which is bid, you pay nothing.

What you get with a free Whats Your Price Acount

  1. With the Whats Your Price free trial, you can browse the pool of bidders and start looking for your next date.
  2. In the profiles there is space for a lot of information and photos, so you can show your unique personality.
  3. Free trial members can favorite singles, that they like, and once your profile has been approved, you can bid on the singles, you want to meet.

What you don't get with the free Whats Your Price membership

  1. Every membership on Whats Your Price requires you to spend money, to get someone for a first date.
  2. There is no messaging or chatting on Whats Your Price like on other dating sites. When you place a bid, you can send a message, but only to this one person.

Is there a free trial of Whats Your Price?

What's Your Price experiences
Whats Your Price experiences with the free trial

Whats Your Price does not have an official free trial account, because you don't need one. This dating site is all about the bidding process between generous members and attractive members. You're bidding on the first date, before you can even start a conversation, which makes the first date a safe bet thanks to the proven Whats Your Price system. The generous member gets their date and the attractive member gets compensated for their time, in which to prepare for the appointment.

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